In my 22 years of living with Psoriatic Arthritis, I've never experienced such a significant improvement in my symptoms. Since going gluten-free based on Lisa's advice, I've gone from 34 inflamed joints to 4. My joints are no longer painful and my persistent bloating and cramps are gone. Without Lisa's guidance and expertise, I would still be suffering. She has helped me explore new gluten-free recipes that are tasty and easy to prepare. I would totally recommend working with her if you're struggling with autoimmune or any other ailment that would benefit from positive diet and lifestyle changes.

- Jackie Taylor, Toronto, ON

I am forever grateful for this experience. Working with Lisa has changed my life forever. For the first time, I feel like I am truly connected to my body and listening to it. Thanks to Lisa’s coaching, everything that I've learned and implemented is sustainable and I can never imagine going back to my old habits.

- Anne Renes, Dresden, Germany

I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking to take control of their body rather than being held hostage by it. For anyone suffering from autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, struggling with weight and overall unhappy with their current lifestyle. Lisa’s approach forces her clients to examine their daily choices and she challenges them to take the steps to improve their overall health.

 Margo Moore, Vancouver, B.C

Thank you for inspiring and supporting me to find my own psoriasis free life! I feel so good and my skin is happy and healthy. You're amazing! 

- Laura McCarthy, North York, ON

Having Lisa talk me through how to cultivate a healthier, less inflammatory lifestyle was so valuable and special. I am forever grateful for this opportunity. Thank you so much for pouring into my journey.

- Laura Stevens, Cobourg, ON

Thank you, Lisa, for nudging me along so patiently and supportively.  You are so good at connecting with people, staying positive, and conveying hope to them. You provided me with recipes, exercise links, supplements, etc. You've made it easy for me to take better care of myself.

- Norma Brem, Toronto, ON

  I have been dealing with Alopecia Areata for 30 years, which is why I reached out to Lisa. In working with her, I've learned how to pay attention to my gut and be mindful of what goes into my body. I now have a belief system that I’m in control and if I do have a bad day or two, I'm confident that I will get back on track by thinking about coach Lisa and the habits she has instilled in me. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to learn how to live healthier.

- Art O'Donnell, Winnipeg, MB

 Lisa is living proof of the healing power of diet and lifestyle changes. She's committed to helping you find your way. A great listener; a friend when you need one, and a kick in the ass when you need that too.

The volume of information out there is daunting. Having Lisa’s support and guidance kept me grounded, focused and well-supplied with the tools I needed to succeed in bettering my overall health. 

Jennifer Ray Berkley, MI

Lisa helped changed my attitude towards my Alopecia into a positive one because it has pushed me to improve my mental and physical health. 


During the Gut Makeover program, I learned how to heal my gut, listen to my body, and fuel it with good food. I lost 11 lbs, started a meditation practice, and feel more balanced and healthy overall. My hair even started to grow back!

Lisa is a fantastic coach. She's on call to answer any queries along the way and educated me on different aspects of health that I was unaware of. I'd highly recommend her to anyone seeking support in learning to manage their autoimmune disease. 

Art Lowry, Toronto, ON


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