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  • What is health coaching?
    Health coaching is a one-on-one, private consulting service in which a certified health coach provides customized, tactical support to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Whether you’re seeking to rid yourself of chronic symptoms related to leaky gut or you want to learn to manage your Alopecia Areata holistically like I have, as your health coach, I'll create a customized program that supports you with the practical, strategic advice and accountability required to make the healthy lifestyle changes you seek.
  • How can I tell if I'd benefit from health coaching?
    Health coaches don’t diagnose or treat diseases or take the place of your medical doctor or naturopathic doctor. Instead, health coaches work in tandem with your health care professionals to help you make changes that improve your overall health and well-being across a range of health goals, conditions and concerns. If you are dealing with chronic symmptoms related to leaky gut or you have Alopecia like me and want to learn to manage it holostically, you would benefit from my programs.
  • When and where do health coaching sessions happen?
    Private health coaching sessions happen virtually. We can chat over the phone or video call. Whatever your prefer! Sessions are held every two weeks at the same consistent time. E.g. every other Monday at 5 PM. I call you directly for each session.
  • How long are coaching sessions?
    Each coaching session is fifty (50) minutes.
  • What are your qualifications?
    I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who earned certification from the Intitute for Integrative Nutrition- an approved school of the Canadian Health Coach Alliance. I have since also completed a Coaching Mastery certification from IIN as well. I've also healed my gut multiple times and learned to manage my own Alopecia Areata holistically using the very tools I share with my clients. More info on my training here: https://www.integrativenutrition.com/ https://www.healthcoachalliance.ca/approved-schools.html
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Cancellation Policy: If the client needs to cancel or reschedule the appointment, the Client must do so within 24 hours in advance, otherwise, the Client will forfeit that appointment and will not have the opportunity to reschedule it.
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