Image by Derick McKinney

Reverse your Hairloss

Work with me one on one, over 6-months, to learn how to live in a way that reduces your inflammation so that your body can find balance and heal. 

This program is for you if: 

  • You have autoimmune induced Alopecia Areata and you're ready for total health transformation 

  • You've tried drugs or 'treatments' that have failed or you're sick of nasty side effects

  • You want to learn how to heal your gut in order to reduce the inflammation in your body

  • You're ready to be free of chronic, inflammatory symptoms

  • You're ready to embrace an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle

  • You're ready for self-exploration and willing to dig deep into the emotional drivers behind your existing habits

  • You're open to being vulnerable

  • You understand there's no cure and no quick fix

  • You're committed to changing the way you live in order to manage your Alopecia Areata naturally, for life

Alopecia Warrior Coaching

What my alopecia clients say...

Lisa helped me find the positive in Alopecia Areata. I’ve used it to my advantage to improve my mental and physical health and my hair has started to grow back."