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Integrative Nutrition & Gut Health Coach


Alopecia Warrior

6-month Coaching Program

Like all Autoimmune, Alopecia Areata is triggered by inflammation in the body, often caused by multiple stressors - whether physical, emotional, or environmental. Most people (including some doctors), don't recognize that the single most effective way to reduce inflammation and minimize the hair loss caused by Alopecia Areata is by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.


My Alopecia Warrior 6-month coaching program is designed to show you how to thrive with chronic disease by healing your gut and learning how to live a less inflammatory lifestyle, just as I have. 


Over twelve sessions and three key phases of healing for your gut, body, and mind, you'll learn to prioritize healthier eating and lifestyle habits that will reduce your inflammation and bring your body into balance so it can go back to functioning the way it's meant to. 

This program will give you the tools to holistically manage your Alopecia; bringing health, confidence, and a sense of empowerment back into your life.