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Alopecia Warrior Healing Collective 


Your gut is the key to reversing your hair loss because up to 70% of your immune system cells reside within your gut microbiome. When we heal the gut, your immune system recalibrates and your body is able to find balance again. 


Join an intimate group of Alopecia Warriors who are ready to take control of their health and kick hair loss to the curb!


In six bi-weekly sessions over 12 weeks, learn how to heal your gut and transition to an anti-inflammatory diet & lifestyle so your body can find balance and go back to functioning how it should - growing and keep hair!

What you'll get: 

  • Fully guided 28-day elimination diet + reintroduction to heal your gut and identify which food sensitivities are contributing to your symptoms

  • A vast collection of gut healing, anti-inflammatory recipes, elimination safe snacks and pantry staples

  • Healthy shopping, meal planning, and prep support 

  • Insight to my proven self-healing lifestyle practices + habit creation support  

  • Program workbook plus tons of bonus gut healthy diet & lifestyle resources 

  • Access to our private WhatsApp chat for coaching support from me and the group between sessions

Changes you’ll experience: 

  • Weight loss, no more bloat! 

  • Epic daily poops! Digestive issues subside

  • Reduce or stop shedding, less inflammation overall 

  • Say goodbye to brain fog 

  • Say goodbye to intrusive cravings

  • Say goodbye to other chronic symptoms you are experiencing 

  • Better sleep, better moods. more energy

  • Clear, glowing skin; rashes subside

  • The right anti-inflammatory diet for your unique body

  • Consistent meal planning, prep and healthy cooking habits

  • Stress management habits that you practice regularly 

  • An intrinsic desire for healthy eating (you'll crave veggies!)

  • Your own healing toolbox of diet and lifestyle practices that you can use to actively manage your inflammation levels to keep your hair loss at bay, naturally for life.

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